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To contact IQuniversity by email, please click here. We will make every attempt to answer your inquiry as quickly as possible. Emails sent to Customer Service and Technical Support are answered within two business days. Before you send us an email, please take a look at our most frequently asked questions (below), including technical issues and more. We may have already answered your question!

Why Subscribe?

Why is video training better than any other training? Video training provides a more understandable and memorable training experience. Like classroom learning, video training is led by an instructor, but it has the additional value of one-on-one instruction at any time. This means you can go back as frequently as necessary to review material you've seen before, or skip ahead to things you can't wait to learn.

What makes the IQuniveristy so special? IQuniversity has developed a proven methodology for teaching users to use our software to the fullest. Our approach includes a very visual and fun environment that makes viewers not only feel comfortable, but maximizes the retention of the content by focusing on the most comprehensive and in-depth training for its users, giving them the option to learn the basics or achieve expert status. IQuniversity's presenters are experts with the software and set the tone for an environment that is as enjoyable as it is instructive. 


How do I get my password? Employee accounts and passwords are created by your company Manager.

I lost my username/password. Contact the Manager that issued your password. They should be able to retrieve your username/password or create a new one. Or, feel free to contact our Customer Service team at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for assistance.

Online Training Library

How do I access the video tutorials? Once your organization has purchased a subscription or activated a Guest Pass, you can access the online training videos anytime though this site. Just enter your username and password in the login fields (located in the right column of every page).

Can I download your online tutorials? The Training can only be watched online as streaming video. It cannot be downloaded to a computer.

What's the best way to use my new training? You can choose to just watch the training on its own, but the optimal learning experience is to simultaneously follow along with our instructor with the IQware software and do the exercises as you see them done on screen. That means you ideally would have some way of watching the training and using your software at the same time. 

Movie Playback Issues

Why do the movies always display a question mark instead of the content? You do not have the latest version of the Flash Player, click here to download it.

Why does the movie load slow and/or keep pausing? You may be experiencing slow data transfer. Our training is best viewed using a broadband connection, such as DSL or cable modem with up to 440 KB/s of bandwidth per individual user, check with your IT department to make sure you have sufficient bandwidth.

When I click on a movie, I hear the author speaking. How can I get the video portion to display? You may need to install the Flash Player, increase your screen resolution, or you may need to go the to the "view" menu of your browser and reset any zooming levels. To get the latest version of the Flash Player, click here to download it.


How do I view the Course Curriculum? Visit the Courses page on this website to review the Course Curriculum.

Why don't I have access to all the Courses you offer? Your registered Manager assigns the Courses (along with Chapters) deemed appropriate for your position and/or goals.

I would like to add/delete a course. Contact your Manager. Only your registered Manager can assign or delete courses and/or edit your account information.

Certificates of Completion

What is the IQuniversity Certificate of Completion Program? Upon completion of a course where certification has been required by your company, a certificate is automatically generated and emailed to your registered Manager. The IQuniversity Certificate of Completion program validates your skills by requiring certification that matches your current or desired job role.

What courses offer the certificate? All IQuniversity courses are eligible for earning Certificates of Completion. Your Manager chooses which courses, if any, require certification when setting up your account.

How does IQuniversity verify the work? The IQuniversity system records when a passing grade has been acquired by a user and passes the Certification on to your Manager via email.

How does this compare to an online degree or a certificate from a vocational school or vendor? The IQuniversity Certificate of Completion program is not the same as a degree program or a software certification programs. Completing a course does not mean that the member is then certified in that respective software, it only reflects that they completed a competency test in the chosen IQuniversity course.