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Experience substantial benefits at every level of your operation! IQuniversity offers online training courses for each of the IQware Global Property Management System’s fully featured hospitality solutions.

IQpms - Property Management System

The IQWARE Global Property Management System is an outstanding suite of fully featured hospitality applications developed to optimize RevPAR and completely satisfy the unique requirements of small to large hotels, condo-hotels, resorts and multi-property operations.


IQcrs - Head Office & Central Reservations

The IQWARE Head Office and Central Reservations System cost-effectively streamline single and multi-segment reservations for chains and management companies while improving performance, tracking meaningful data and synchronizing with local databases.


IQpos - Point-of-Sales

The IQWARE Point of Sale System is a complete, fast and easy-to-use solution delivering vital information needed to control revenues. Use the IQWARE Point-of-Sale System alone or integrated with the PMS to manage restaurants, bars, shops and inventory.


IQbanquet - Banquet and Catering

The IQware Sales and Catering System, specifically geared towards increasing profitability, delivers a wide range of features to effortlessly control your group room sales and catering operations and increase staff and management productivity


IQspa - Spa Management

The IQWARE Spa Management System is a sophisticated, flexible and cost-effective tool to manage spa appointment bookings and resort activities.


IQaps - Asset Protection Software

The IQware Asset Protection Software fulfills the management of your maintenance, housekeeping and every other departments requiring work sheet or task management. Reduce your maintenance cost and maintain you asset value by taking advantage of a fantastic tool to maximize your asset management.